A.L. & Rachel Bonds
165 Bonds Rd  |  Guntersville, AL 35976
256-878-7060  |  cell: 256-506-8111

Scott, Janna, Lila Jane,
Callie Rae & Jesa Leigh Bonds

5386 Pleasant Hill Rd  |  Guntersville, AL 35976
256-878-7103  |  cell: 256-572-9443

Freezer Beef

We raise purebred Angus cattle.  Our animals are cared for and fed a grain and hay diet, with no artificial hormones or growth stimulants, and fresh water.  We use a state inspected processing plant to harvest our animals.  Finished animals are typically available in October-December.  

If you are interested in purchasing locally owned and processed beef, we'd like the opportunity to serve you.

We have 6 purebred bulls that have been weaned and are being developed for future processing (Fall 2016).  If you are interested in freezer beef, please call to reserve your order.

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